Led by Mike Canning our chorus master.

The Band “The Four Acres”

Allan Fouracre : Keys and orchestra!

Dean Morgan : Drums

Frazer Morgan : Guitar(s)

Phil Williams : Bass

Many thanks as well to our rehearsal pianist who not only played well for us, was very helpful with her leads, and also kept Mike in some sort of order!   Thank you Karen.

Once again the choral season from April to September was very enjoyable, week by week. It was also very successful in performance.

A wide variety of songs from Elvis to the Beatles, My Fair Lady to the Loco-Motion. Hopefully there was something to everyones taste.

Yet again CODS was so well supported by our Friends with the tickets sold out about six weeks in advance. Thank you Friends.

Also, once again we were fortunate to have Sponsors for the two Evenings and the Society is very grateful to Devondale and to Lewis’s of Crediton for their continued support. We hope you all had a great evening.


Yet again the Catering Team worked so hard and the audiences enjoyed their ‘Bye Bye American Pie’ followed by ‘A walk in the Black Forest’.

The team even coped with a temperamental oven that managed to provide extra excitement for Friday evening, though it did behave on the Saturday.WELL DONE Anton, Nicki and your team of willing helpers.

Here’s a thank you from one of our sponsors....

"Once again please pass on my thanks to everyone involved with the Choral Concerts. Everyone on our table had a really good evening. The food was also very good so a special thanks to the kitchen staff for that. I look forward to seeing the photo taken on the night and it will be placed on our Sponsorship wall in our boardroom. This was more than likely to be Georgia’s last choral for a while as she is due be going away next September to study musical theatre. This however does not mean I will be stopping my sponsorship of this event. I would very much like to continue sponsoring the Choral if you still require me to do so.

Once again thanks for a great show."

Best regards


Paul M Steer : Director

Devondale Electrical Distributors Ltd.



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