ABOUT OUR PLAYS  ......... 

In 1972 the first play was performed by the Society. It was ‘The Chalk Garden’ by Enid Bagnold. In fact the enthusiasm for drama was so great the Noel Coward’s ‘Hay Fever’ was performed in the same year.
The ‘D’ for Drama had to be added to the Society’s title from this point.

Since that busy year CODS has performed a play in the October half term period almost every year. The exceptions were a Music Hall in 2009, Powder and Paint in 2012 and Trial on Pinafore in 2014.
We perform in one of two of the QE Academy halls and, once again, make efforts to turn the venue into a performance space appropriate for the chosen production.

As far as possible, we try to choose a play that will include the group that participate in the current years' readings, assuming the reader wants to be on stage. But you can just come along and read for fun.
Play readings start at the beginning of May. By mid-June we hope to have chosen and cast a play. This will be produced in the Autumn half term period.
Fancy treading the boards? Get in touch we'll let you know when the next play readings are coming up.


Below is a list of previous productions. There are some photographs in the archives from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but sadly we do not seem to have recorded the plays as fully as the Musicals!

More recent shows have a dedicated page and are indicated on the list in bold letters. Just hover over these for the link.







1972 The Chalk Garden. Hay Fever

1973 Ring Round the Moon

1974 Rape of the Belt

1975 Boeing - Boeing

1976 Bonaventure

1977 When we are Married

1978 Fools Paradise

1979 Children's Day

1980 Blythe Spirit

1981 The Farmer's Wife

1982 Murder in the Vicarage

1983 Quiet Weekend

1984 Murder in Company

1985 Move Over Mrs Markham

1986 The Hollow

1987 Season's Greetings

1988 Lady Audley's Secret

1989 Habeus Corpus

1990 Mystery at Blackwater

1991 Anybody for Murder

1992 How the Other Half Loves

1993 Look No Hans


1995 Breath of Spring

1997 Barefoot in the Park

1998 Not Quite Christmas

1999 Farndale Avenue's - Macbeth

2000 Outside Edge

2001 Habeus Corpus

2002 Relatively Speaking

2003 'Allo'Allo

2004 The Creature Creeps

2005 Bazaar and Rummage

2006 Rumours

2007 Trivial Pursuits

2008 Steel Magnolias'

2009 Music Hall

2010 Jack The Ripper

2011 Local Affairs

2013 A Small Family Business

2015 A Chorus of Disapproval

2016 Bums on Seats

2017 Vagina Monologues

2017 Love from a Stranger

2018 A Bunch of Amateurs

2019 Key for Two