SEPTEMBER 2018 ....
Our theme was PICK &  MIx

To limit the vast choice open to us the songs snd music had to begin with the letters C, O, D or S. Spelling CODS.....
Clever stuff!

The choral season from April to September was again very enjoyable.

The society enjoyed rehearsing and singing songs as varied as Carmina Burana to Super Trooper.

Our soloists really added to the evenings with their selections and our audiences were well entertained and well fed!

Anton and his team again cooked up a fine two course super for everyone and our bar team were very busy on both nights, as usual!

The September evenings are always a great night out and are well supported by our Friends of CODS. Indeed the tickets for both evenings were all sold five weeks in advance of the concerts.

Once again we were fortunate to have Sponsors for the Evenings and the Society is very grateful to Devondale and to Lewis’s of Crediton for their continued support.

As ever our fantastic band added so much to the evening, as they always do.
Allan on Keyboard (and arranger)
Frazer on Lead Guitar
Phil on Bass guitar
Dean on percussion
Emily on Flute

We had many appreciative comments after both evenings and a number of written messages, two of which are posted below.

From Graham ...
"I just want to let you know how much we enjoyed the concert with a great varied programme along with very good soloist's and a super sound from the band.
The songs just kept on coming and very well executed, you have done CODS proud the choir were just brilliant.
The food was lovely and it was all very well organised ,please send on my heartfelt congratulations and thank you so much for your generous hospitality
 Best wishes
"Graham Liverton Regional Councillor NODA Southwest
From Paul
I would like to congratulate you all on an excellent evening on Saturday. Everyone on my table really enjoyed it.
Please can you thank everyone concerned who helped make it such a great night.
As a business I am really proud to be associated with CODS and I am sure you can count on my support for next year.
Best regards
Paul M Steer
Devondale Electrical Distributors Ltd.



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Comments from our NODA representative:-
Many thanks for inviting us to what proved to be a really wonderful evening.  You have every reason to be proud of this production.
I apologise that on this occasion my report has taken a little longer to reach you.  A NODA South West AGM, a NODA National AGM and playing Jean in "Quartet" at the Blackmore Theatre have intervened!
My very best wishes to you all
Joyce Pomeroy
NODA SW Regional Rep, District 5
St Boniface Centre, Crediton.  Chorus Master: Mike Canning.  Arrangements: Allan Fouracre
15th September 2018
As seen by Joyce Pomeroy
This society is well known for its choral singing so with an evening of Pick and Mix musical numbers, and supper promised it was no surprise that all tickets were sold out well in advance.  The audience was seated at tables and treated to a very tasty main course and then the entertainment began with a fabulously rousing "O Fortuna".
The first half of the evening was of an especially high standard with more than a dozen items, for choral,  solos and smaller groups of singers.  They had clearly been painstakingly drilled by their chorus master and achieved a wonderfully balanced and disciplined sound.  It was such a treat to hear ends of phrases, diminuendos, and crescendos and expression so controlled but also so joyously sung.   It would be too easy to underestimate the hours and weeks of rehearsal it takes to achieve such a fabulous standard.
The programme for the evening was well chosen giving the audience an excellent variety and also giving many of the members of CODS an opportunity to shine.    Members of the audience will no doubt have had their own particular favourites.  "Memory" from the musical "Cats" which is usually sung by a female soloist had been arranged for seven voices and was enthusiastically received by the audience and was glorious.  The Simon and Garfunkel selection with "The Sound of Silence", "59th Street Bridge Song" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was yet another inspired choice.  These and so many more excellent musical choices were so much appreciated by the audience.  The singers were accompanied by a band comprising six musicians who played beautifully and it was especially pleasing to see,  were very much part of the team.  The numbers were introduced with amusing chat from the two Masters of Ceremony.
The audience was entertained with some glorious singing of an exceptional standard but if there is a criticism it was just a tad long, but how could you choose  from this great programme what you could omit?
Where I have mentioned specific items those were my personal favourites, members of the audience will have had their own favourites which proves that with an eclectic selection there is something for everyone.
It is good that so many members of CODS were involved and the months of rehearsal for this will certainly prove to be a good foundation for the musical in April, "Carousel".