BLITZ!    April 2014           Director: Sarah Carter     Musical Director:  Simon Carter

BLITZ! was Lionel Bart's follow-up to his 1960-hit Oliver! It Opened on May 8, 1962 at the Adelphi Theatre, London and ran for
well over two years, a total of 568 performances.

Set in 1940 in the East End of London, the city is taking a terrible pounding from Hitler's bombs.
Life however goes on, and the residents of the East End somehow continue with their day to day lives, with humour, courage and resourcefulness.

The story is told through the eyes of two families:

Mrs. Blitztein and her large Jewish family, especially her petty-criminal son Harry and her beautiful daughter Carol. Mrs B has a pickled herring stall in Petticoat Lane's market.

Alfred Locke and his non-Jewish family, particularly his son Georgie. Mr Locke has the adjacent market stall. Mrs B and Mr Locke do not speak to each other!

They all fight their own particular battles with neighbours and authorities alike, through many situations, both humorous, some tragic, and eventually find their own individual peace.

A story full of characters, dance, humour, good old fashioned British 'stiff upper lip' and peoples refusal to be beaten. Some great "sing along" music as well!

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